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Van Driver Class D

Our company Medical Transportation MN is certified by MN Department of Transportation and MN Department of Human Services for the State of Minnesota.  We provide non-emergency medical transportation primarily for people who travel to and from Minnesota Health Care Facilities.  We provide rides mostly from 5am to 6pm Monday through Saturday for Medical Assistance, UCare, BlueRide and HealthPartners Recipients, as well as for Private Pay Clients.  Our company was established in 1993 and we are currently growing our business.  We have drivers who have been working for our company for 5-14 consecutive years.  We are seeking for a new full time van driver who would like to join our professional team of drivers and transport passengers to and from medical appointments.

Use our wheelchair accessible van, keep it at your home.  Use our mobile data terminal with electronic signature capture to get all the trip information including directions turn-by-turn by voice.  Work flexible hours, start and end any time you like, take breaks when needed.  Begin and finish the work near to your home.  Get as many passengers and trips as you can handle.  Get paid for each trip and for each mile.  Get paid for each passenger when you transport multiple passengers.  Earn up to $1000 net pay per week.  The net pay is the amount remaining after deducting all the expenses including fuel.  Please attract your attention that when we say up to $1,000 net per week we already deducted all expenses including fuel, and nothing else will be deducted from your net.  Your gross amount will actually be up to $2,300 per week.  After deducting all expenses you will get paid up to $1,200 per week from which you will use up to $200 for fuel.  The remaining - up to $1,000 is yours to keep.  Please note that “up to $1000 net pay per week” is a conservative amount.  Some drivers work harder and net up to $1300 per week.  Please note that we are hiring you as a 1099 Independent Contractor, and not as a W-2 Employee.  You will be paid 100% commissions and you will be responsible for all your expenses.  “Up to $1,000 net pay per week” is the amount remaining after all your expenses incuding fuel will be deducted.

It is enough to have a regular class D driver's license.  You have to be at least 18 years of age and have at least one year of experience as a licensed driver.  This job is perfect for those with previous transportation or delivery experience and those who feel compassion for people with special needs.  You have to be a hard working, responsible, reliable and motivated person with fluent English.  You must be a safe driver.  You have to be able physically to handle passengers in wheelchairs: to be able to step up into a van with high steps, to be flexible to be able to bend over to hook up wheelchairs, to be strong enough to be able to push passengers in wheelchairs.  

If you are interested in this driving job, please email your resume to hiring@medicaltransportationmn.com.

Information subject to change without notice.

Job Type: Full-time, Contract, Commission